Hull and Machinery

Physical loss or damage covers for all types of vessels. The scope, basis and extensions of cover provided are adapted to suit individual client’s requirements.

Protection and Indemnity(P&I)

Third party liability covers for all types of vessels. Arranged with International Group Clubs, Independent Clubs or commercial underwriters. Designed to ‘dovetail’ with a vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance.

Freight, Demmurage and Defence (FD&D)

Also referred to simply as “Defence”. In most instances an optional adjunct to P&I coverage. This insures the shipowner from legal costs associated with either the defence or pursuit of a claim relating to the insured vessel. For example, the legal fees resulting from a charterparty dispute.

Builder’s Risk

Physical loss or damage cover for a shipbuilder during a vessel’s construction period. Customarily tailored and extended to include faulty design risks during a warranty period and in accordance with specific shipbuilding contracts.