Freight Services’ Liability

Comprehensive liability and physical damage insurance programmes for forwarders,NVOCCs and other logistics and distribution companies including liabilities to cargo and third parries,errors&omissions,and physical damage to owned or leased containers.

 Logistics Liability

Insurance to protect domestic land and sea transportation of logistics team from cargo, warehousing, distribution of goods risk.

Charterers’ Liability

Insurance to protect charterers of vessels from a range of liabilities,either through contract or in tort. This can include liabilities resulting from damage to the vessel itself, or from third parties directly or by way of indemnity.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

It is applied to provide protection for employers of various types of enterprises and indemnify the personal safety, occupational illnesses obtained by the employees.

Products Liability

It is a mandatory insurance required by the local government for supplier’s liability on the import and export domestic products. This can include liabilities resulting from product defects, injury, illness, death or property damage of consumer or from the third party in the use of the product, and as such, economic compensation liability shall be assumed by supplier.

Ship broker, shipping agents and shipping management liability insurance

Ship Brokers ,Ship Agents and Ship Managers’ Liability

Cover to protect transport intermediaries against claim for negligence and error or omission.

Port, Harbour and Terminal Operators Marine Package Policy

This insurance provides cover for the property, equipment, liabilities and financial exposures of port authorities, as well as the port, harbor ang terminal operators who work there. Cover extensions are available for excess protection and indemnity, removal of wreck, and fines and penalties.